Auburn, AL (EETV)- Auburn Arena has become one of the hardest places for opponents to visit. This environment starts with the student section known as "The Jungle."

The Jungle consists of 1,500 students who make it tough for the opponents as they are practically on top of the court. Some students wait hours and hours for each game to cheer on the Tigers.

A loyal fan Micheal Floyd spoke about the Jungle saying, "The Jungle is everything. You can have a bad day in classes or in life but you can come here and cheer on the best team in college basketball."

Just four years ago, this was not happening. There were no long lines, free t-shirts, and no top-25 teams. When Bruce Pearl came to Auburn, he changed the culture of the program to make fans excited to be there.

Pearl has given breakfast to students for early games like Georgia, Iowa St, and LSU. Auburn student Bay Marks said, "Bruce is one of the most personable coaches, he ingages with the student and goes out and recruits very well."

Auburn has kept a perfect record at home even with scares against LSU, Kentucky, and most recently Alabama. These students provide a boost for the players and are truly the sixth man on the court.