Auburn, AL (EETV)- In ESPN’s NFL Draft Conference Call, ESPN’s Draft Analyst Mel Kiper Jr gave his thoughts on Auburn players Noah Igbenoghene, Marlon Davidson, and Javarious Davis.

According to his NFL Draft Board 2.0, Kiper has Igbenoghene going in the first round along with his fellow teammate Derrick Brown who is expected to be one of the first ten drafted this season.

Kiper spoke about him saying, " The improvement that he has shown especially in his tackling ability is better, and just his overall awareness in coverage made him one of the fastest, if not the fastest guy in this class and I think he's a first round pick."

Marlon Davidson is a second round pick according to Kiper but he has improved his game to be one of the more versitile defesive limeman in the country. "He got better this year with his technique and pass rush moves. The Senior Bowl week obviously helped him. Some have him going as a first round pick but I think he's second round.

Cornerback Javarious Davis was highly praised by Kiper as "one of the faster cornerbacks in the draft." Davis's cousins played in the NFL and he will look to continue the family tadition.

Auburn will have nine players who will get the opportunity to be drrafted. The NFL Draft will take place from April 23rd through April 25th and will be broadcasted on ESPN.