AUBURN, Ala (EETV) - Ana Ruth Huntley won SGA President on Feb. 4 becoming the first African American woman SGA President at Auburn.

In an interview with Eagle Eye, Huntley stated that her "whole platform is about getting to serve the student body and bring conversations to SGA that have not been had before." Huntley explained that her "platform focuses on three different areas: enhancing campus life, launching new initiatives and promoting student wellness."

In order to enhance campus life, Huntley wants to create a system allowing students to pay for parking tickets with community service hours, advocate for a scooter rental service, and develop a feature for students to track security shuttles in real time through Campus Security.

For her initiatives, Huntley, a hunger studies minor, seeks to host a hunger awareness week educating the Auburn family about college hunger and food insecurity. Huntley told Eagle Eye that "food insecurity is something that is near and dear to my heart, so I am excited to bring that conversation to SGA."

Huntley also wants to promote student wellness by creating a nutrition-based dining app that filters menus based on dietary needs, advocating for a smoothie option on campus, and creating a podcast with other campus organizations to openly discuss mental health.

Huntley told Eagle Eye she is eager to start and that she is "so thankful to Auburn for believing in her."