AUBURN, AL (EETV)-- Auburn looked for their first SEC win this season against Ole Miss. The Tigers battled at home after being on the road and taking a tough loss against Georgia. 

Ole Miss started the game off by making a 3-point jumper. Robyn Benton quickly followed by also making one behind the arc for Auburn. After a tough back-and-forth battle, Ole Miss led 18-17 after the first quarter. A low scoring second quarter put Auburn back in the lead by 1 which sent them to halftime. 

The Tigers had a total of 55 rebounds which is the highest this season. Unique Thompson lead the team with 13 rebounds. Daisa Alexander followed right behind her with a total of 10 rebounds. Coach Terri Williams-Flournoy, in a press conference, said “Daisa had 10 rebounds and Kiyae’ had 9 so that really helped her (Thompson) a lot.”

Ole Miss started off the second half with a quick layup, but the Tigers retaliated with an 11-0 run creating a 10 point lead. Ole Miss scrambled to get a few more points bringing the gap to 4 going into the fourth quarter. 

Back-to-back 3s were hit by Brooke Moore making it 44-34 at the beginning of the fourth. Robyn Benton made a jumper which put her at 17 points making her the top shooter of the night. Unique Thompson and Brooke Moore were tied behind her at 10 points. Auburn defeated Ole Miss 59-43 to give them their first SEC win this season.

Auburn’s next challenge will be in the Memorial Coliseum against No. 12 Kentucky. The game will start at 6p.m. CT on Monday, January 27, 2020 and will be seen on SEC Network.