AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - The governor underwent radiation treatment earlier this year in an attempt to treat the tumor. She received the good news of her recovery at a 3-month check-up following her treatment.

“Yesterday, my doctors performed a follow-up examination on the site where I received three radiation treatments last September to treat the small, isolated malignancy that was discovered on my lung. Needless to say, I was extremely appreciative to receive another good report from my doctor.”

Dr. Alex Whitley of Central Alabama Radiation Oncology, the governor’s physician, released the following statement:

“Governor Ivey is now three months removed from Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Treatment (SBRT) for her Stage I lung cancer. She had a follow-up surveillance imaging that demonstrates an excellent response to treatment with no concerning features. She will continue on routine surveillance imaging, but I consider Governor Ivey to be cured.”

Ivey thanked both God and her doctors for her recovery as she looks forward towards the New Year.