AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - The City of Auburn launched a waste shorting app to educate residents on proper recycling and disposing of trash.

Residents can visit the city's Garbage and Recycling page to see of which items can or cannot be recycled. To find this information, simply search the name of the waste material in the search bar and press search to find out the proper methods of disposal.

Another tool that residents can use is the Waste Sorting Game. This web app allows residents to test their knowledge on materials that can be reused, recycled or disposed.

“Since the start of our single-stream recycling program, Auburn residents have done a great job recycling and keeping waste out of the landfills," said Environmental Services Director Catrina Cook. "With our new What Goes Where? web app, it’s even easier for residents to learn how to sort their waste properly in a fun and interactive way. It takes a village to help improve our environment.”