AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - On Oct. 2, students and faculty, along with other members of the Auburn Family, participated in Hey Day, one of Auburn University’s oldest and most cherished traditions.

Hey Day originated during World War II, when the student body and members of the Student Government Association wanted to create an event to welcome veterans back and unite all students. The Auburn students pinned name tags on each other outside of Langdon Hall and celebrated the positive, friendly atmosphere on campus.

This year's Hey Day focused on encompassing “All for Auburn” to celebrate the entire Auburn Family coming together for one of Auburn's most popular traditions.

Each year, SGA carries on this tradition by handing out name tags around campus and encouraging students and faculty to greet one another. Free food, games and entertainment were provided on the Campus Green.

Auburn Online and SGA partnered this year to plan the first Virtual Hey Day. Auburn students, including those enrolled online, can go to to connect with other students near and far.