AUBURN, AL (EETV) -- Former Florida Gator quarterback, and current TV personality Tim Tebow had nothing but praise for the young quarterback from Pinson Valley.

"I think that he has a unique composure about him," Tim Tebow said. "I think he's a winner and you saw that in high school."

Bo Nix proved himself in the Oregon game that he does have a composure built for the spotlight. Not many true freshman quarterbacks could be thrusted into that position; to lead a game-winning drive in their first collegiate game.

Nix did very little to hurt Auburn against Texas A&M, a characteristic that Tebow says is "so underrated."

The read-option element of Bo's game was highlighted against A&M as he made several smart reads to keep the ball for himself, and convert a couple of important first downs.

"He's getting down," Tebow said. "And he's making smart runs."

However, in order for Auburn's offense to take the next step, Nix must be able to go vertical and hit the deep balls. There were three overthrown balls to wide open receivers in the previous game against Texas A&M that he wished he had back.

"If they hit two of those three [deep balls] they missed last week, I think people will be like wow, this offense is opening up," Tebow said.

Indeed, the score would have been much different if Bo had connected with those receivers. But, that is a part of growing as a player.

Tebow hit on another aspect of Bo's character when talking about the questions Bo asked him during a speaking event saying, "the questions he asked me weren't like other high school seniors... It was 'what did you see against that defense, how can I prepare' just different."

Nix will look to continue to build on his impressive display this Saturday night when they take on Mississippi State in their SEC home-opener.