Auburn, AL (EETV) - Boy could Auburn not wait long enough to be back home. Auburn had its latest home opener since September, 7 2007 against Troy, and gave the home crowd exactly what they wanted. A win. Auburn improves to 16-3-2 after crushing Syracuse 2-0 and besting them in every statistical category that mattered (fouls were tied at 9 a piece).

From kick-off, you could tell there was a special energy in the crowd. Auburn fed off that energy with shot after shot, but could not put the ball in the net as Syracuse goalkeeper Lysianne Proulx saved every rocket that came her way. Her three saves from the first half kept the score 0-0 at the half, frustrating the Tigers to the point where Auburn did not care whether they took a good shot or bad shot. Blasting balls over the crossbar.

Coach Karen Hoppa said before the game that the Orange loved to keep possession, but Auburn was playing Syracuse's game as it seemed after every lost possession for the Tigers, they would pressure and get it right back.

Auburn came out in the second half with a different mentality, scoring within the first 7 minutes. Syracuse tried to possess like coach Hoppa said, but after another sequence of losing the ball for the Orange, the Tigers capitalized in the 67th minute to make the score 2-0 with a bullet of shot from senior midfielder Bri Folds.

Auburn continued its onslaught of shots, but Proulx made what seemed a sure goal and a #SCTop10. The game was still in reach for the 'Cuse, having a late attack to try and make things uncomfortable for Auburn, but as it seemed for most of the night, this night belonged to the goalkeepers. Newly transferred goalie, Kate Hart, made an incredible save to shut out the Orange for good.

Auburn will look to ride on this momentum into the next home game against Troy. The hire-powered offense should stay the course as the Tigers have now scored in every game this season.

Syracuse had 10 saves compared to Auburns two, and only had one corner compared to the Tiger's 10. It was total domination from Auburn gave the home crowd exactly what they wanted, the win.