AUBURN, Ala. – The Princeton Review’s 2020 rankings named students at Auburn University the happiest in the nation.

The top ranking is no surprise to Student Government Association President Mary Margaret Turton. Auburn's SGA also received high marks from students who participated in the survey.

“Auburn students are happy because Auburn is more than a classroom, a football stadium or a degree,” Turton said. “Auburn is an empowering experience where students are challenged and motivated to become men and women of the Auburn Creed; a dedication to excellence in academia and student life and a place rooted in tradition and support that becomes home.”

According to the rankings, students focused on the university's environment and resources, as well as the approachable professors. They described Auburn as a challenging yet captivating university with a variety of resources and opportunities for a high-quality education.

Students also gave Auburn high marks for being a friendly campus with great school spirit, seen in the high number of students involved in on-campus organizations and the university's strong football traditions. Other popular features mentioned by students include the safe downtown area, beautiful campus and recreation center.

“It’s the culture across campus that leads all of us to be our best selves that makes me happy,” said student Jack Wilbanks. “Whether it is studying in the library during finals week or going to the rec center, Auburn always has a supportive, inviting environment that makes me feel like my best self.”

Auburn's No. 1 title in the "happiest students" category is part of The Princeton Review’s annual “Best 385 Colleges” rankings list. The ranking is based on data from surveys of 140,000 students from all 385 schools featured.