Waco, TX (EETV)- Auburn claimed their sixth NCEA Championship in school history as they overcame a late deficit to top Georgia 8-7. 

Auburn had not been tested all year long as they showed the rest of the country why they were number one. Georgia gave the Tigers all they could handle as they led for most of the contest. 

With the meet tied at 7-7, the outcome was in the ride of senior Ashton Alexander who pulled off a 255-242 win in the Equitation to give the Tigers their second straight national title.

Alexander said, “I was slightly terrified to say the least. I sat by myself and took a deep breath and went in with an ‘all or nothing’ attitude. I didn’t know if my ride was good enough until the scores came in. Afterwards, it was tears of joy. To know that I was able to do it and to have all my teammates there was amazing.”

Auburn also made history becoming the first undefeated in NCAA history. Coach Greg Williams spoke afterwards saying, “This has never happened in the sport, so it shows how hard it is to go undefeated. This is not only a tribute to the talent on this team, but also how they bought into being one team and developing the leadership.”

The senior class finished their careers with two SEC titles and three NCEA Championships which speaks to the quality that this team has produced under Coach Williams.