AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) –Julianne Lyn was recently announced as the new Student Government Association Executive Vice President of Initiatives.

Lyn is a junior from Clanton, Alabama majoring in public relations and is on a pre-law track. She has been involved with SGA for the past two years, serving as Director of Town Halls and Assistant Vice President of Outreach Projects.

“These roles taught me professionalism, the importance of hard work, and perseverance,” the incoming EVP of Initiatives said.

Incoming President-Elect Mary Margaret Turton broke tradition by opening the executive board applications to the general student body. Lyn was selected to serve as EVP of Initiatives in late February.

Her responsibilities as EVP of Initiatives include overseeing the Initiatives Branch, which is made up of Academic Affairs, Campus Life and University Operations, and working closely with the Outreach Branch to gather feedback from students.

“One of the most important responsibilities of the EVP of Initiatives is being informed on the biggest problems facing students daily and ensuring administration is considering those concerns when making decisions,” Lyn said.

To stay informed, she will sit in on various meetings that will discuss important topics such as dining, parking, housing, and more. As EVP of Initiatives, Lyn will keep the SGA President aware of these issues so she can consider them during the decision making process.

As a member of the SGA executive team, she will work closely with the SGA President and EVP of Outreach to incorporate their feedback and research into higher level decisions. Lyn will also collaborate with the Vice President on legislation that passes through Student Senate.

During finals week, her branch will work with different campus organizations to host events related to not only academics, but also positive mental and physical health. 

“I am most excited for the relationships I am going to form this year, and the opportunity to advocate for Auburn students,” she said. “These relationships are integral, especially when the student voice demands to be heard.”

Lyn said that the Initiatives Branch will have the unique opportunity to be included in large scale decisions this year. These projects include new buildings and changes to the effectiveness and efficiency of campus operations. 

This year, the executive team is encouraging inclusion through their SGA Cabinet applications and interviews. Lyn said the applications and interview processes will make students feel confident and comfortable to succeed in SGA. 

“I would like to encourage all students to consider applying for Cabinet this year, or serving as a liaison in the Student Senate, so that all areas of campus are equally represented,” she said.

Assistant Vice President applications are due March 9, and Director applications are due March 25.