AUBURN, Ala. (EETV)- New Auburn University Student Government Association President Mary Margaret Turton is breaking with tradition by having open applications for her new executive team.

The SGA executive team comprises of the Chief of Staff, Executive Vice President of Communications and Marketing, Executive Vice President of Programs, Executive Vice President of Initiatives, Executive Vice President of Outreach and the Executive Secretary. The elected SGA President, SGA Vice President and SGA Treasurer traditionally lead the selection process. 

In a statement to Eagle Eye TV, Turton wrote, "we want SGA to be as inclusive, representative and accessible as possible and that starts now."

The executive team heads up divisions of the SGA cabinet, along with representing the organization at various events, meetings and conferences. 

Outgoing SGA President Dane Block sparked controversy last year for selecting the least racially diverse executive team in recent years. 

Interested students can learn more and apply for the positions here