AUBURN, Ala. -- Brooks Jones is one of three Auburn students running for Student Government Association president this campaign season.

Jones has been involved in SGA at Auburn for the past three years. Two positions that he has had the opportunity to hold in SGA are At-Large Senator and Assistant Vice President of Campus Life. 

"My experience has allowed me to grow both as a student and as a leader on Auburn's campus," said Jones. "By serving in these positions, I have been able to learn immensely from those around me as well as get a better grasp of the ultimate role of SGA- to serve." 

Jones believes that his passion for the university and its students is what makes him qualified to serve as SGA president. 

"I want our student body to understand that I am here for them and SGA is as well. I am not running for the title of 'president,' but the opportunity to share a passion and a vision with the students of this university," said Jones.

Jones' main mission is to unite the university under one voice. He would to work toward making SGA more transparent, and unify the campus through several different initiatives.

Some of the goals of Jones' platform are to create round table discussion with leaders all across campus; setting up a platform on SGA's website that would show you process percentages of all initiatives; expand involvement ambassadors; readjust the current GAP policy; and enhance accessibility to campus dining. 

"If I were to be elected to serve as the leader of the student body, I want to truly unite the Auburn Family into one," said Jones. "There has been a lot of progress over the last several years, but there is still so much to accomplish."

To learn more about Jones' platform, click here.