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Miss Homecoming top 5 candidates announced

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV)- Auburn University's Student Government Association announced the top 5 candidates for the 2018 Miss Homecoming election on Wednesday.

The following students were selected to the top 5:

Sadie Argo: "Just being nominated for Miss Homecoming was an honor, so I am completely overjoyed and humbled at the opportunity to be a top 5 candidate! The other four candidates are incredible, so it will be a fun couple of weeks together! Miss Homecoming is one of my favorite traditions at Auburn, and it is surreal that I now get to be a part of it. My ultimate goal is to share my love and passion for my platform. At the end of campaign week, if the student body can see my heart behind it all, I would say it was successful!"

Tracy Moore: "Being nominated and recognized as one of the top 20 candidates was already such an honor, so to actually have the chance to run for Miss Homecoming feels like an absolute dream. I am overjoyed that I get the opportunity to campaign on a platform that I care for so deeply, especially considering the company I'm in. All of the girls in the top five are incredible women, doing big things on Auburn's campus, and I can't wait to get started!”

Jennifer Eaton: “Miss Homecoming has the important role of bringing everyone from all walks of life who are apart of the Auburn family together for such a joyous occasion as well as her goal to enhance the lives of students. It is a huge honor to be among this Top 5 with four other amazing Auburn Women who truly love this university. I will always cherish this significant moment and I am looking forward to this exciting experience!”

Sarah Louise Boland: “The first time I visited Auburn’s campus it happened to be homecoming week. I remember looking at the students and all the banners on campus and feeling like I was a part of the Auburn family already. It is such an honor to serve as a representative for our university on a week that is so special to our community. I hope I impact not only the student body but also the alumni, visitors and residents through this experience.”

Maddy Hickman: “Miss Homecoming is an important role to the Auburn family, because she is still close in age to the freshman but she's quickly approaching her time as an alumna. She is reflective of her time at Auburn, yet ready for the opportunities she will have upon graduation. Miss Homecoming is deeply rooted in tradition, but also progress. Having a female serve as the face of our university during a time where we are welcoming alumni from all walks of life is crucial to the growing inclusivity at Auburn.

I am honored to be a part of this tradition and thankful for my nomination from Auburn University Dance Marathon. My heart is overflowing from the love and support I have received over the past few hours. To be selected from such a strong group of Auburn women as a candidate is an incredible feeling. Thank you, Auburn University for giving me the opportunity to share my platform and my heart with you.”

The top five candidates will compete the week of September 24, with Election Day being September 28. 


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