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Miss Homecoming top 20 candidates announced

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV)- Auburn University's Student Government Association announced the top 20 nominees for the 2018 Miss Homecoming election tonight.

The finalists were nominated by various campus organizations and groups. 

The following students were named to the top 20:

Lauren Downes 

Taylor Searels

Ally Arthur

Emma Ownes

Ann Hollon Morris

Lauren Alger

Emily Stone 

Daniella Elzie

Joy Boldt

Mary Mac Carlin

Bonnie Decarlo

Jennifer Eaton

Sadie Argo

Maddy Hickman

Julianna Dinsmore

Sarah Louise Boland

Katelyn Carson

Tracy Moore

Arlene Maheu

Bentley Logue

A committee will narrow down this list to the top five finalists over the coming days. The top five candidates will then compete the week of September 24, with Election Day being September 28. 


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