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Sadie Argo announced as the 2018 Auburn University Miss Homecoming.

Sadie Argo wins 2018 Miss Homecoming

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV)- Auburn University senior Sadie Argo was named Miss Homecoming at Saturday's football game against the University of Southern Mississippi.

Argo was presented with the traditional flower bouquet and silver bowl by Auburn President Steven Leath and Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey.

Argo's campaign centered on expanding the College of Liberal Arts' Project Uplift which allows Auburn students to mentor area youth.

Other members of the 2018 homecoming court included Sarah Louise Boland, Jennifer Eaton, Tracy Moore and Maddy Hickman.

Vote Breakdown:

Sadie Argo: 3,283 votes

Tracy Moore: 2218 votes

Sarah Louise Boland: 1568 votes

Maddy Hickman: 1566 votes

Jennifer Eaton: 652 votes


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