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Picture from AU OIT emergency website

Storms take down university website

UPDATE: As of 12:02 AM, all network services have been restored and both internal and external sites are up and running.

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - Thursday's powerful storms took town several trees in our area, as well as the Auburn University website.

Auburn University Office of Information Technology reports that around 4:14 PM, the campus lost all inbound and outbound internet traffic. All off-campus students and staff lost connection to and on-campus related issues were to external and internal sites. 

Later, Office of Information Technology states that the problem is with the campus's network provider and their technicians are "hard at work getting it fixed".

As of now, there is no time frame as to when the connections will be restored. 

All Auburn personnel are encouraged to visit for updates on the network status.


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