MONTGOMERY, Ala. (EETV)- This week on Plain Talk, Ken Ward sits down with Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey to discuss this year's legislative session and some of the pressing issues facing the state. 

In this exclusive interview, Ivey discusses talks about some of the most high profile bills up for discussion in the Legislature, including HB317 which many say legalizes the economic development lobbying that was part of former Speaker Mike Hubbard's felony public corruption conviction.

"This is an effort to be more proactive with economic development and incentives," said Ivey. "One of the most prized things is to keep details about a potential development project coming, because if you leak it out your competitors will go after it too." 

Ivey also discussed potential changes to Alabama's Medicaid system, including possibly implementing work requirements, something the Trump administration has recent spoken favorably about.

"We're also looking at the work waivers so that if anybody's able bodied and can work that they will work," said Ivey.

Ivey also talked about the state's prison system and the special Senate election that resulted in the election of Democrat Doug Jones.