Auburn, Ala. (EETV) - Two groups seeking election in the College of Liberal Arts have been found in violation of a section of the university election law. 

"Tichenor? I hardly know her?" and the "CLAdiators", both seeking election to CLA's school council and SGA Senate, have been ordered to participate in community service for the offenses. 

"Tichenor? I hardly know her?" was found in violation of section 709. which says candidates or conglomerates are prohibited from placing posters on bulletin boards that say "for department use only". Each candidate is required to complete two service hours. 

The "CLAdiators" were also found in violation of 709. Each candidate was ordered to two hours of community service and was told to remove the posters that led to the violation.

 A violation was also turned in against current Sen. Jordan Kramer after an email was sent from an Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts to the entire college student body. The message cited many achievements of the current senators and many noted the timing of the message seemed suspicious. In a 6-0-1 vote, the elections board ruled that no laws had been violated.