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Cookout Auburn Location

Cookout Auburn Location

Another Cook Out coming to Auburn

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV)- Cook Out, a North Carolina-based franchise, has recently opened off of Opelika Road, featuring two drive in lanes and pick-up windows. The restaurant has quickly become a popular choice among college students and locals due to its affordable choices.

Local resident Sarah Myint said, “Cook Out is such a family friendly environment. They are so fast, and the food is really good. I love how cheap it is!”

Offering BBQ, hotdogs, chicken nuggets, sandwiches and more than 40 creamery style milkshakes, everyone can find something they will love. The Cook Out Tray, a price friendly item on the menu, includes an entrée, two sides and a large beverage for $4.99.

According to Tyler Caldwell, the city’s principal planner, another Cook Out will be making its grand opening on South College Street. This location will be close to Auburn University's campus and will mimic the Opelika Road hours, open Sunday-Thursday 10:30am-3:00am and Friday and Saturday 10:30am-4:00am.


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