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Top 20 Miss Homecoming Candidates

Top 20 Miss Homecoming Candidates

First round of callouts narrows the field for Miss Homecoming 2017

AUBURN, ALA. (EETV) - Callouts for the top 20 Miss Homecoming candidates were revealed Tuesday night on the back steps of Cater Lawn. Hundreds gathered to cheer on their friends as the names were read out by the Elections Board and girls took to the top of the stairs. 

Tuesday the list was trimmed down to 20 after 43 girls submitted platforms and interviewed this morning.

Catherine Milling Executive Director of Elections, said the most noticeable change for homecoming is that girls were told to center their platforms around Auburn, the student body, or the Auburn community. 

With the homecoming game approaching, "It's a really quick turnaround. That whole week is going to be really fun, really great. It won't be too different from the past, it's really those platforms that are the biggest changes right now."

This year's Homecoming candidates in no particular order are:

1. Julia Applegate

2. Caroline Oswalt

3. Morgan Gaston

4. Candace Mulherin

5. Hannah Clarke

6. Mallory Meagher

7. Mary Laing Holland

8. Camille Smith

9. Kayla Warner

10. Taylor Sivley

11. Kendall Davis

12. Madison Collins

13. Nicole Finley

14. Caroline Milligan

15. Taylor Giller

16. Lily Hardwick

17. Chika Asomugha

18. Sarah Reagan Tepool

19. Molly Otto

20. Kate Cornelius

Kayla Warner, nominated by Black Student Union, said, "I'm just most excited to show my love for my university, and to try to make it a better place, try to make it more enriching, and just a better place where people can live their best lives."

Molly Otto, nominated by Sigma Kappa, was in disbelief about her nomination, "I'm so excited. If I am fortunate enough, I would just be overjoyed and feel so blessed (to be in the top 5)." 

Tomorrow night's round will narrow the field of 20 down to a final five girls who will then campaign to be elected Miss Homecoming by Auburn students. Callouts will take place on Cater Lawn at 7:00. Eagle Eye will begin broadcasting live on Facebook at 6:50.

Girls who are seniors and have completed at least four semesters at Auburn are nominated by peers in sororities, campus organizations, and other groups. 

The top 5 candidates platforms will be revealed exclusively on the first day of the campaign 

This year's Homecoming game is set for September 16th at 3:00 against Mercer. 


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