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Map of Haley Center

Map of Haley Center and Quadrants

Conquering the Haley Center labyrinth

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - As the tallest building in Lee County, the Haley Center is easy to spot in the middle of campus. The inside, however, can be extremely difficult to navigate.

An Auburn education would not be complete without having to walk in circles upon circles to eventually reach a class in Haley.

The quadrants are numbered in counterclockwise order facing the building from the Thach Concourse. If that’s too confusing, Camp War Eagle counselors often share the “quadrant trick” with incoming freshmen. Quadrant one faces the stadium because the Auburn Tigers are “Number 1”, quadrant two faces the Quad residence halls because there are two parts to the Quad, Upper and Lower, quadrant three faces Foy Hall and there are three letters in Foy, and quadrant four faces the professional buildings because four years of college isn't enough!

Once you get inside the building, start looking for numbers close to your class. Class numbers in Haley are four digits long and help identify where the room is. The first number is the floor the classroom is located on, the second is the quad it’s located in and the last two number are the room number.

Some other tips to help you find your classes:

-Always enter the building in the same door for class

-Don’t be afraid to ask for help

-Don’t even try to find a bathroom

-Give yourself plenty of time to find your class

-If you’re on the fourth floor, you’ve gone too far

-Professors’ offices are on the fourth floor and beyond