The June 1-2 Camp War Eagle Session had a familiar face for many incoming students. An incoming freshman from Brentwood, Tennessee achieved social media celebrity status when she was accepted into Yale with a 34 on the ACT and an award-winning 200-word essay about her love for ordering Papa John’s pizza.

Her name is Carolina Williams. Another reason why she has become so popular is that she turned down attending an Ivy League school for the opportunities that Auburn University’s Raymond J. Harbert College of Business had to offer her.

Williams stated that “I liked the freedom in the curriculum…I like that I don’t have to choose (a major) immediately, and where I can be pre-business, and have the opportunity to take other classes that interested me” (Auburn University).

William’s was won over by Auburn University when she came to Talons Day, “when I came here, I immediately loved the spirit. And when I found out that the business college was ranked in the Top 30 among public business colleges – I was totally sold” (Auburn University). 

William’s story was spread over 300 media outlets including “The Today Show,” People Magazine as well as all over Facebook. Williams said, “it’s been crazy…My friends think it’s hilarious. They see my face on the news now and on their social media feeds and people have been sharing it. This (exposure) came at perfect timing because it happened while I am at Camp War Eagle and I am able to make connections” (Auburn University).

She is off to a great start as Papa John's founder John Schnatter himself has already reached out to her and offered her an internship.

Williams will start attending classes in the Fall and is officially pre-business with a minor in economics.