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Adam Porter of Food Sciences serves trail mix.

Adam Porter of Food Sciences serves trail mix.

Tigers on the Green

AUBURN ALA. (EETV) – Tiger Dining hosted Tigers on the Green on Friday, April 21st.

The event was organized to showcase the locally-grown food served at campus restaurants so students can meet the producers of their food, as well as to launch the Tiger Foods brand. The Food Sciences Club was also present at this event, and are partnered with packaging snacks for Tropical Foods, which will start to be sold in campus C-stores starting in the fall semester.

Vendors present at the event included Tropical Foods, Smooth’N’Groove, Firetruck Barbeque, Wickle’s Pickles, and T-Lish salad dressing. Smooth’N’Groove and Firetruck Barbeque have food trucks on campus. T-Lish is served at Terranova Salads in Foy, The Olive Branch and API Trading Company in the Student Center, Plains to Plate in the Quad, and Terrell Market in the Hill. The dressings that were available to sample along with locally grown tomatoes were Sweet Garlic and Asian Sesame.

In addition to free food, students could also enjoy a live performance by a local bluegrass band.


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