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Makayla Martin, Haley Fagan, and Brittany Maresette mugshots. ‚Äč

Makayla Martin, Haley Fagan, and Brittany Maresette. 

Three Auburn Softball players arrested on marijuana charges

AUBURN, ALA. (EETV) - Three Auburn softball players have been arrested on charges of possession of marijuana 2nd degree and drug paraphernalia.

Senior Haley Fagan, sophomore Makayla Martin, and freshman Brittany Maresette were arrested early Thursday morning. 

Fagan is the starting shortstop, Martin is one of the starting pitchers in the rotation, and Maresette comes off the bench in a pinch running.

Eagle Eye has reached out to Auburn Athletics for a statement regarding the arrests. No statement has been given at the time of publication. 


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