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Bentley walks down capitol steps

Bentley walks down capitol steps

Governor Bentley's Resignation Speech

MONTGOMERY, AL (EETV) - Governor Bentley announced his resignation today at a press conference on the steps of the Capitol. 

He said at the conference, "I've lived in this great state of Alabama my entire life. I grew up here, I raised a family here, I went to school here."

The governor today also admitting his faults today saying, "I've not always made the right choices, I've not always said the right things." the governor went on to say, "There have been times I've let you and our people down. And, I'm sorry for that."

"I can no longer allow my family, my dear friends, my dedicated staff and cabinet to be subjected to the consequences that my past actions have brought upon them....I pray every morning for wisdom and guidance and forgiveness for the sins I have committed. I love our people with all of my heart and I want nothing more than to serve them."

Bentley then making his official announcement stepping down as governor, "I have decided it is time for me to step down as Alabama's governor. I'm leaving this office that I've held and loved for seven years to focus on impossibly more important areas of service. I love this office. However, I realize that there are things more important than a political office."

"I have spoken with Lt. Ivey and we agree that the people deserve a peaceful transition... I will be leaving office today, April 10th."

Governor Bentley taking time to thank the people of Alabama, "I am forever filled with gratitude from the people of this state. I am especially thankful to God for the opportunity he gave me when he allowed me to be Governor of Alabama.a'

"I want to thank you for being your governor." 

"Please continue to pray for me and I will continue to pray for you."

"I love this state from the bottom of my heart and the people who live here. God bless you."

LT. Governor Kay Ivey will be sworn in Monday evening.


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