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Robert Bentley Resigns

Robert Bentley Resigns

BREAKING: Governor Bentley Resigns

AUBURN, ALA. (EETV) - Governor Robert Bentley resigned Monday afternoon.

The resignation comes after years of scandal involving an inappropriate romantic relationship with his former top aide, Rebekah Mason. His impeachment hearings started this morning. Early today representatives for the Governor were in talks negotiating his resignation. It is believed that Bentley pleading to failure to file CAMP and Failure to disclose ECO charges were conditions in those negations. His bond is set at $600.

In addition to the problems in his personal life, the Alabama Ethics Commission ruled last week that there was probable cause to believe the governor violated state ethics law and committed three campaign finance law violations.

His resignation is a turn of events from Friday, where he stood on the steps of the Capitol and swore he wouldn't resign.

Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey is expected to be sworn in as the new governor of Alabama this evening. 


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