AUBURN, Ala. — Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow spoke in Auburn, AL, Thursday night, January 19, as a part of the Auburn University Delta Speaker Series.

During his speech, Tebow discussed his long journey to picking the University of Florida for his college and football careers. He spoke of his appreciation for Coach Meyer’s belief in him. 

“Belief can change someone’s life,” said Tebow. 

He continued to share how believing in something and having someone believe in you can change the course of one’s life.

“I don’t care how hard I got hit, they could never take my passion,” said Tebow. He encouraged the audience to hold on to their passion, regardless of circumstance.

Tebow also discussed the importance of keeping your eyes on what you want the most, not what you want right now. 

“Don’t live by your emotions, live by your convictions,” said Tebow. “Never lose sight of what really matters.”

Before Tebow took the stage, the event began with a panel of Delta Airline employees answering questions from students and guests. The panelists discussed the leadership values they wish they knew, how Delta has provided a family atmosphere for them and the importance of communication in the workplace.

The Speaker Series is sponsored by Delta, and provides a monthly opportunity for Auburn students to learn from successful leaders that relate to Auburn’s Emerge program.

Bri Thomas, Vice Presidnet of Curriculum for Emerge at Auburn, said that they have been planning and working on this event since the summer. 

Thomas said that Emerge’s goal is aimed at “equipping students with the tools to be effective leaders on campus, in the community and in the work force.”

Plans are being made for the upcoming February, March and April speakers for the series.