AUBURN, Ala.  – Auburn University student, Riley Hambrick, is running for Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President in this upcoming election.

Hambrick’s platform is composed of three groups: redefining representation, creating a summer senate and revisiting roles. 

First, redefining representation is adding delegates from different campus organizations to the senate body. 

“Often senators vote on bills and resolutions that effect organizations that they have no prior experience with,” said Hambrick. 

He wants organizations to have a voice in the senate.

Secondly, there is no representative body during the summer semester. Hambrick wants to allow the students representation year-round. 

“The student voice is just as significant during the summer months as it is during Fall and Spring semesters,” said Hambrick.

Lastly, Hambrick would like to have the President Pro-Tempore conduct the senate meetings, so that the Vice President is able to devote more time into figuring out how the SGA can reach more of the student body.

Hambrick was an executive member and team leader of Emerge, an on-campus leadership program. 

“Emerge was incredibly influential for me simply because it deeply challenged the perceptions of the world that I used to hold,” said Hambrick. 

Hambrick also spent time as a member of the senate body. He believes the vice president should have experience engaging with the student body and have spent time contributing to the future plans of our University.

Community at Auburn University means everything to Hambrick. 

“I want every single person to know that they are seen, that they are valued, and that they are heard; even when they have no courage to speak,” said Hambrick.

At a school with 25,000 students, it’s hard to hear every student, but Hambrick is making that his goal.

To learn more about Hambrick's platform, click here