AUBURN, Ala. -- Auburn University is working toward adding more All Access courses, in which materials are available digitally on canvas to students.

According to Business Wire, The Auburn University Bookstore has partnered with Copia Interactive, LLC, a leading company that provides online textbooks and other digital course materials to students and faculty. With this partnership, they will be able to greatly expand the number of All Access courses through Copia's platform. 

Programs like the All Access program makes course materials more accessible and more affordable for students, which improves course outcomes for students, according to Business Wire. Typically, the textbook will automatically be charged to the students' accounts after a certain amount of time, if they did not choose to opt-out. The company works to provide a more cost-effective price than if the student had to purchase a hard copy.

“The biggest way I think right now that we are saving students money is through the all access program, which is a digital program where we work with instructors to move to a digital format,” said Russell Weldon, assistant director of technology and course materials at the Auburn University Bookstore in an interview with Eagle Eye TV last spring. “We work with instructors and also publishers and are able to reduce the cost of those books by about 55 percent right now.”

According to Business Wire, Auburn is currently providing All Access course material to over 3,000 students in 34 separate courses for the spring semester. 

“Auburn University remains at the forefront of the growing Inclusive Access movement," said Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President & Founder of Copia. "In light of our joint success in 2018, Copia is thrilled to strengthen our partnership with Auburn and continue providing unique Inclusive Access programs that will give thousands of students a cost-effective way to hit the ground running with all the digital content necessary for success.”

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