AUBURN, Ala. (EETV)- It was a room filled with differing viewpoints Monday Night on the passing of the bill for the Recognition of the Auburn Gay and Lesbian Association (AGLA). 

Senator of Graduate School, Max Zimmer, presented this bill to the Senate yesterday. He believed that AGLA should be commended for their efforts.  Zimmer believed that by passing this bill it is one step closer to making Auburn University welcoming towards the LGBT community. He states, "We're recognizing our progress as an institution and also we want to take a step towards not being the second-most LGBT unfriendly school." 

AGLA is an organization that was formed to address equal rights issues for gays from a local and state standpoint. They performed community service projects in conjunction with straight, community-based organizations as a means of educating the community about AGLA and familiarizing people about gays and lesbians. 

After approximately 30 minutes of debating, the bill was passed as written. The bill mainly stated, "We the Auburn University Student Senate commend the actions of the founders of AGLA who truly embody the spirit that is not afraid in their efforts to establish a permanent organization." 

Much like Zimmer, Director of Political Affairs for Spectrum & LGBT Plus Activism and Advocacy Coordinator for the Cross-Cultural Center, Erin Walker, also believes that the passing of this bill is a great step in the right direction to increasing LGBT friendliness." 

"The passing of this bill will show that Auburn University is taking strides to becoming a more LGBT plus inclusive campus and increasing our LGBT friendliness will over time bring more gender-sexual and romantic minority individuals to Auburn University."  

This was the last SGA meeting of the school semester. Stay tuned for more SGA meetings in the upcoming semester.