AUBURN, Ala. (EETV)- If you need to ask Santa for a last minute gift, look no further! Here are some of this year’s best gifts for any college student:

Allbirds: Allbirds are the new hit sneaker that everyone is talking about! These shoes are made of wool, regulating temperature, minimizing odor and not requiring socks. They are described as lightweight and breathable, providing comfort all day long. These shoes are great for both men and women. Check them out at:

Wireless Beats earbuds: This gift is perfect for those who love going to the gym or for those who are always on the go. They provide great sound and hook onto your ears, ensuring that they do not fall out. The wireless earbuds get up to 12 hours of battery life and are both sweat and water resistant. Check them out here: powerbeats3-wireless


Apple Watch


Amazon Fire Stick 


Beats Headphones 


The Amazon FireTV Stick: This is perfect for every college student’s binge watching needs. The Amazon FireTV Stick allows you to connect to various apps, including HBOnow, Hulu, Netflix and more. The new FireTV Stick connects with Alexa, allowing you to talk to the device and making it easier to use than ever before for only $34.99. Check it out here: dp/B00ZV9RDKK

The Apple Watch Series 3: The new Apple Watch is more innovative than ever before. This new watch allows users to make calls and send texts even if they are not near their iPhone. It streams music, is swimproof and keeps you motivated to stay active. This watch can be made sporty or stylish with interchangeable bands. Learn more about it here:

Any comfy pullover: College students, especially Auburn students, will definitely need a comfy and warm pullover to walk to class in the winter that is easy to remove in burning hot classrooms. Anything from Patagonia to TrueGrit will have the best pullovers that are warm, soft and long lasting. For this Patagonia Retro Pile Fleece pullover, visit: http://">">http:// dwvar_22810_color=NVYB&cgid=mens-fleece