AUBURN, Ala (EETV)- This week Alabama's politics were once again in the national headlines. Expect this week to be another big one when it comes to politics; here is this week in politics.


The past week was a busy one when it came to national politics as President Donald Trump continued his 12 day trip to Asia. Trump attended events with the leaders of Japan, China, South Korea, Russia and Vietnam, just to name a few. Some of the topics of discussion included trade rules and the escalating tensions with North Korea.

Back at home there was also much going on as Congress continued its work on a major tax reform package. Senate and House leadership is continuing negotiations to try to come to a consensus on what should be included in the final plan. One of the most debated pieces is the possible removal or modification of the state and local tax deduction, which mainly benefits residents of more liberal leaning states such as Maryland, New York and Illinois.

By the end of the week, much of that discussion was upended once the allegations of sexual misconduct by Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore came out in the Washington Post. Several Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence and Richard Shelby swiftly condemned the allegations and urged Moore to drop out of the race if the allegations were true. Several other politicians, including John McCain and Mitt Romney, urged Moore to drop out of the race immediately.

Recent public opinion polls released after the allegations were reported have shown Moore losing some support to Democratic candidate Doug Jones. One recent Emerson poll released Sunday shows Moore still leading the race with Jones by ten points.

Expect in the week ahead to continue to the hear revelations about Moore and see more national media attention focused on this race.


In Alabama much of the political dialog for the past week focused on the allegations against Roy Moore. Many state politicians have come out to defend Moore, most vocal was Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler who in an interview with the Washington Examiner, cited Mary and Jospeh in the Bible when discussing the allegations against Moore.

In other state news, former presidential candidate and current Sen. Marco Rubio attended an event in Birmingham for Rep. Will Ainsworth, R-Guntersville, who is running for lieutenant governor. Ainsworth is currently leading in the fundraising for this race, with challenger and current Public Service Commission President Twinkle Cavanaugh, closely behind.

Expect to hear more discussions about the allegations against Moore this week and continue to see more Alabama politicians give statements regarding the allegations.


Last week the Auburn City Council approved a new traffic study at a cost of roughly half a million dollars. The council also took legal action against a local business as well.

There are no city council meetings this week in Auburn and Opelika. The Auburn City School Board will be meeting on Tuesday. On their agenda this week includes the possible naming of a new elementary school and some possible changes to the system’s policy manual.