AUBURN, Ala (EETV)- The week of thanksgiving is usually a slower one when it comes to political news, but this week was busy; from tax reform to Roy Moore here’s this week in politics.


The discussion nationally continued to be about sexual assault allegations and what should happen to politicians and other public officials who are accused of these actions. In recent weeks prominent figures on both sides of sides of the political aisle have been accused of such actions including Democratic Rep. John Conyers, Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and Democratic Senator Al Franken.

President Donald Trump also made headlines this week after defending Moore especially given the fact that many establishment Republicans, including Sen. Mitch McConnell, have distanced themselves from Moore in the wake of recent allegations.

In other national news, the battle for tax reform continues with most House and Senate Republicans confident that a bill will be passed. According to The Heritage Foundation the average home owning family making $75,000 a year would save $1,033 under the House’s proposed legislation and $2,014 under the Senate’s bill.

Expect to see more discussion on tax reform in the coming days as the Senate inches closer towards a vote. Also continue to hear discussions related to the allegations about prominent politicians.


Much of the state political attention continues to be spotlighted on the special Senate election between Roy Moore and Doug Jones. Moore has lost some public support after sexual assault allegations were unveiled, but according to a recent poll by WBRC-TV/Strategy Research Moore still leads Jones by two points.

Also in state political news, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall announced that the state would be joining efforts by other states in supporting the Trump administration’s travel ban.

Expect in the week ahead to hear more about the Senate election, including additional polls judging the state of the race. These polls will show how influential recent support from Gov. Kay Ivey and Trump is in helping possibly increase Moore’s lead over Jones.


There are no city council meetings this week in Auburn or Opelika.