AUBURN, Ala (EETV)- On Monday night the SGA passed a pair of funding laws that are going to allot money towards two events, which are the Red Barn Series and the Special Activities. 

The Red Barn Series is a 2-day concert series involving singer-songwriter, alternative, and indie bands. It features local talent for each of the night's opening acts, followed by the larger artist. 

By the SGA passing this program expansion fund law, it will provide $1,500 to the University Council Fine Arts Committee Fine Arts to use towards this event. 

SGA Senator of College of Engineering, Sarah Hill stated "[University Program Council Fine Arts Committee] needed this to increase the funding to be able to get good talent, with the increasing talent and artists that students have requested, they have more funding to secure those artists." 

Another funding law was passed  Monday night for an event called Special Activities. The Special Activities better known as a "Farm Fest", celebrates the historic past of Auburn as a land-grant institution.  

This Program Expansion Fund will provide the University Program Council $2,660 towards this event.   

"This will create a new line item, which will promote the understanding of agriculture and farming in the area and allow students to have another fun event that they are creating," said Hill.