AUBURN, Ala (EETV) - On Monday Night, three individuals were appointed to the SGA staff for the remainder of the 2017-2018 term. William Heidt, appointed to University College Senator; Dana Gramuglia, appointed to Programs Advisor; Noah Mcnelley, appointed to Organizations Board

In the past, the University College has not had a Senator. William Heidt the newly appointed Senator of the University College believes that he can fill that void. Heidt was involved in the War Eagle Flying Team and is currently a Professional Flight Management Major. 

Heidt stated, "I want to be able to help University College students have their voice heard, and [I] want to represent the college in a [positive] way."

Much like Heidt, the newly appointed Programs Advisor, Dana Gramuglia believes that she will impact this program in a positive way as well. Gramuglia is from Chicago and she just wrapped up her graduate work at Loyola University and she also did some graduate work at Northwestern University.  She wants to figure out what the student's needs by getting an in-depth analysis of each particular individual in the SGA program.

Gramuglia stated, "I'm excited to meet with the students and learn more about them what makes them tick and why are they here." Gramuglia said this would be beneficial to her because it helps her understand their passions and why they are passionate about these particular things. "Once I figure their passions, I want to [fully understand] how can we take the traditions that exist and elevate them." 

The newly appointed member of the Organizations Board, Noah McNelley is looking forward to using skills that he has learned from various SGA programs to make sure the Organizations Board reaches its greatest potential. He is currently majoring in Political Science with a minor in Business and French. McNelley is currently serving as the President of the Auburn University Mock Trial Association. McNelley's goal is to ensure that each student organization on campus feels that equal importance is placed on each program.