AUBURN, AL (EETV): This new weekly article is meant to keep Eagle Eye TV online readers informed of what’s going on in national, state and local politics.

National Politics

Continue to see discussions of major issues such as tax reform and the Trump administration’s decision not re-certify the Obama-era Iran Nuclear Deal to continue through the next week.

Also, continue to see discussions about the future of Obamacare. The President recently signed a new executive order rolling back some of the subsidies offered to insurance companies; there is also a new push at a bipartisan fix to the bill being lead by Sens. Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray that could be discussed more as well.

Alabama Politics

In Alabama politics this week, continue to see discussions about the 2018 state elections as candidates announce their campaigns or continue their fundraising. For example, longtime State Senator Gerald Dial, R-Lineville, is expected to formally start his campaign for the Republican nomination to fill Alabama’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Industry position this week. The campaign for Alabama's governor has also started to heat up, since both current Gov. Kay Ivey and Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle have now raised $1 million towards their campaigns for the Republican nomination. 

Continue to hear discussions about public, K-12, education and the Alabama State Board of Education.The board is continuing their efforts to fill the State Superintendent’s seat following the departure of Michael Sentance, with former Auburn University President Ed Richardson currently filling that role while the board searches for a replacement.

Additionally, the race to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ former senate seat continues as Roy Moore and Doug Jones rush to campaign across the state. Moore continues to lead in recent polls and has secured several additional endorsements, including that of Alabama Senate Pro Tempore Del Marsh, R-Anniston.

Local Politics

The Auburn City Council will be meeting Tuesday night to discuss some development zoning requests and to fill several vacancies on a few city boards.

The Opelika City Council will also be meeting Tuesday night, some of their agenda items include multiple demolition resolutions and the purchasing of several new city vehicles.