Auburn University has released a new statement following allegations of sexual harassment and abuse inside the Auburn Softball program. 

“AA/EEO investigated an anonymous report concerning inappropriate activity on the softball team in September 2016, but AA/EEO was unable to confirm it because the individual involved denied the allegations. We understand the reluctance of the student-athlete to initially go on record given the circumstances surrounding the allegation.

In this case, the combination of an anonymous report, the individuals denial, and absence of other corroboration made verification very difficult. No University can or should take action against someone on the basis of an anonymous report, especially one that is denied by the individuals involved.

On March 30, 2017, we became aware of improper text messages between an assistant coach and a student-athlete. The assistant coach left the program the same day.

Throughout this matter, Auburn Athletics and the Title IX office took this seriously and acted promptly. As soon as the facts were known, action was taken. The two coaches are no longer on our staff.

Make no mistake – This matter was handled immediately when the facts were obtained. It was handled with the best interest of the students in mind."

Head Coach Clint Myers and Assistant Head Coach Corey Myers have been in the spotlight since ESPNW published a report last month. In the report, a former player, Alex Nemeth, alleged abusive treatment by the Auburn softball coaching staff.

Another former player echoed those allegations in an exclusive interview with Eagle Eye.