Smiths Station, Ala. (EETV) - Following the Lee County Board of Education's  decision to remove prayer from football games , a new Christian symbol could soon hold a prominent place in Panther Stadium.

The owner of Green's Propane Gas, a longtime supporter of Smith's Station Athletics, has decided to put the Lord's Prayer on his scoreboard advertisement.

"I understand the school board position not wanting to fight a lawsuit, but as a business, it is my right to advertise how I like," said Green.

The new scoreboard will not be constructed until another advertisement is sold. Members of the Smiths community are now working to raise funds to purchase the advertisement on the other half of the board.

"We need both halves sold before the school will install the sign," the  online campaign  reads.

Green says he understands why the school board made the decision but he does not agree with it, "I think it's so wrong for one person to be able to change 50 years of history because they are offended."

As Green understands it, the scoreboard is to be a focal point of the stadium, he thinks his ad will help with that, "The ad spot is to be a focal point of the stadium and I think that shows what our community stands for and I think the leaders in the community feel like we have freedom of speech. My advertisement will include that"

The  Go Fund Me campaign to purchase the ad has been active for just over 24 hours. The campaign has already raised over half of the $5000 goal.

We have reached out to Lee County Schools for a comment, at this time we have not received a response.