Montgomery, Alabama (EETV) - Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has officially announced that she will run to keep her position. 

“Four months ago, I was sworn in as the 54th Governor of the State of Alabama." Ivey said, "There hasn’t been a more humbling moment in my life. That so many of you have supported and prayed for me and my team means the world—and it’s our highest honor to serve you."

Ivey, who ascended to the governor's office following the  resignation of Robert Bently , has made it her mission to "Steady the ship of State" in Alabama.

"I took over at one of that darkest times in our state’s memory." Said Ivey, "I’m proud to say we’ve steadied the ship. Now it’s time to steer it to continued conservative progress and prosperity.”

Ivey has had her fair share of historic political moments, this one is no different. Now serving as the first governor to replace an impeached governor in Alabama, Ivey also made notable strides moving up the political ladder. In her time at Auburn Ivey served as the first female vice president of the Student Government Association. In 2002 Ivey became the first elected Republican secretary of the Treasury since reconstruction. Ivey also became the first Republican woman to serve as Lieutenant Governor she made history again in 2014 as the first Republican Lieutenant Governor re-elected to the office.

Ivey, a native of Alabama, grew up in Camden (Wilcox County). She is a 1967 graduate of Auburn University. 

During her time at Auburn University, she coordinated the campus campaign for Lurleen Wallace’s run for governor. She also was the president of her pledge class (Alpha Gamma Delta) and served in student government association for four years.