AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - With Hurricane Irma quickly approaching the Auburn area, and classes cancelled tomorrow, Auburn Campus Safety and Security has released some tips to help on-campus residents weather the storm.

Dining venues that will be open include Village Dining, Foy, Terrell Dining Hall, and South Donahue C-Store. Nothing in the Student Center will be open. 

Safety and Security recommends that students stock up on food, and have things like a can opener, flashlight, and other essentials for the peak of the storm. 

Students should keep their cell phones and other electronics charged in case the university loses power. Students are also advised to decide now how they will communicate with their family during an emergency, keeping in mind that phone lines could get tied up and texting or social media messaging may be the best options. 

In case the power does go out in the residence halls, students are advised to contact the RA on duty. They should then remain in the room and use flashlights, not candles, to move. 

Finally, students should know where the severe weather shelter areas in their residence halls are located. AU ALERT messages will be sent out if a tornado warning is issued and students should seek these shelters.