Auburn, Ala. (EETV) - Auburn has been placed under a Tropical Storm Watch by the National Weather Service. 

As Monday nears our area can expect to see an onset of Tropical Storm Winds between 30 and 50 mph.

In our area, we could see downed trees and power outages.

The Auburn area could also see 1-3 inches of rain.

From the National Weather Service:

Irma is expected to have noticable impacts across the southeast

counties of Central Alabama along and generally east of Milstead to

Troy line and along south of a Milstead to Auburn line. Scattered tree

and power line damage, some structure and road damage with power

outages are possible. Winds of at least 35 MPH may begin as early as

the pre dawn hours Monday, but the worst conditions will be during the

day and evening on Monday with wind gusts well above tropical storm

force possible. Such winds could bring down large tree limbs, trees,

and power lines, leading to power outages and possibly impassable

roads. The strongest winds are likely to be east of an Auburn to

Clayton line. Conditions will gradually improve on Tuesday as Irma

continues to weaken and move to the north. will have full coverage as Irma makes her track toward our area.

Our area in Irma's high impact area