AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - Five Auburn senior girls received notice from the City of Auburn last weekend informing them that their living situation was in violation of city ordinance. What has them concerned is that they have lived in the house for nearly two years without complaint. 

Hayley Bylsma talks about what it was like when police came to her door with a search warrant. 

Hayley Bylsma's parents built and own the house. They planned to let their daughter live there throughout school and then use it as a retirement and game day home. Bylsma said her parents have never been made aware of the regulation.

According to Auburn Zoning Ordinance 304, no more than two people with different last names can live in the same residence in areas zoned for single family residences. This ordinance has been in place since 1982, according to Auburn Principal Planner Tom Weintraut. Bylsma said that three other student-occupied homes on the street were issued citations as well.

Zoning areas for City of Auburn


Their house is located a mile from Jordan-Hare Stadium and Tiger Transit picks students up from their street.

Now, a campaign started by the girls has over 8,000 signatures. The campaign hopes to raise awareness for the situation that is impacting many students in the area.

Brooke Buckles talks about why she and her roommates started a campaign after being ordered to leave their house.

Auburn Director of Public Affairs David Dorton said that enforcement of such ordinances is complaint-driven, meaning the law is not enforced regularly. Dorton also said that each year, Auburn residents are sent a newsletter that reminds them of these regulations. 

A newsletter reminder sent out to Auburn residents about the number or roommates they are permitted to have.

Weintraut said, "We don't keep students from any part of the city, it just deals with the number of people who live there. We aren't singling out students on that...this happens with young professional and in other cases too."

The girls now have a court date set for October 17th and are waiting until then to make further plans.