AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - While fans today eagerly await the iconic announcement, "Fans, please turn you attention to the flag pole" to see the eagle fly before every home game, today marks the 27th anniversary of a different kind of announcement in Jordan-Hare Stadium. 

"Will Otis Mounds please report to the Auburn locker room?”

Otis Mounds, a redshirt freshman, watched the season-opener against Cal State Fullerton in street clothes on September 8th, 1990. He started the game, not in the locker room or warming up with his teammates, but in the stands of Jordan-Hare Stadium. With a drink in his hand, Mounds readily cheered on the Auburn Tigers.

Auburn suffered several injuries at running back in the first half of the game, where Mounds' luck shifted. 

Head Coach Pat Dye decided it was time to give him a chance. Mounds was called to the locker room over the stadium's PA system. The game changed when the message, "Will Otis Mounds please report to the Auburn locker room?" was made for the whole crowd to hear.

The Tigers went on to win the game 38-17 with their newest teammate. 

Mounds went on to participate in the rest of the season's games as a player and played in the 1993 undefeated season.