Quiet study spaces on campus can be hard to come by, if you don’t know where to look. We’ve found the best nooks of campus to get that extra bit of work done.

Student Center:

The first floor of the student center has new furniture this year, including a lot more individual seating. Try the hallway on the first floor down the hall from Au Bon Pain for some individual study pods.

The third floor also features quiet places to sit. Try going down some of the hallways to find couches, tall tables, and other places to study.

Mell Classroom Building:

The new Mell Classroom Building is officially up and running for classes. The entrance to the building features lots of tables and chairs for quiet study. And, Panera Bread is opening in mid-November, making the building an even better place to study.

Residence Halls:

Most on-campus residence halls have study spaces right inside the building. Can’t study in your room but don’t want to put real shoes on? Just head to the end of your hall or downstairs to do a bit of last minute work!

Village Dining Hall:

The Village Dining Hall has an all-you-can-eat buffet that can be a little pricey if you’re just going there for food. But, there’s a separate room designed for studying, meaning you can study for hours with unlimited food and drink. Can’t get much better than that.

Samford Lawn:

The postcard image of Auburn’s campus, Samford Lawn is also a great place to study. There’s plenty of shade to lay a blanket under and some trees to hang Eno’s up and get work done.

Haley Center:

When classes aren’t in session, the Haley Center can be a good place to go. You can try to grab an empty room or sit out in the hallways. Nothing feels more academic than the center of tons of classes.

RBD Library:

And of course, the library is a great place to study. There’s a groups study floor, a completely silent floor and lots of seating. Plus, printers, computers and everything else you need to get your work done.