AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - At Student Government Association’s Monday night Senate meeting, students voted to table a bill for an appeals committee for the new student ticketing system.

The appeals committee, as it was proposed on Monday, would be tasked with removing penalty points from students who make appeals for not using their student football tickets. As discussed in Senate, “Its purpose will be to ensure that penalty points are fairly administered during the course of the Auburn football season.”

The chairperson of the committee would be SGA Executive Vice President of Programs Faith Webb. The committee would also include a vice president, three voting undergrads, a voting SGA Advisor and a non-voting secretary.

Students who receive penalty points, can submit an appeal within three days of receiving an automated email listing their penalty points.

Full information about the new student ticketing policy can be found here.

The vote for putting the committee in place has been postponed indefinitely until further revisions are made.