Auburn, Ala. (EETV) - Auburn President Steven Leath says that the university is doing a comprehensive review of the softball program, as first reported by ESPN on Aug. 29. 

This review comes on the heels of former softball player Alexa Nemeth's allegations of sexual harassment and abuse under former coach Clint Myers. 

Leath, who became president June 19,  told ESPN on Monday (Aug. 28) night that the investigation had begun fall 2016 before he was hired.

As stated by a former player who wishes to remain anonymous, the team was told by Clint Myers to "rally behind and stand up for Corey Myers" when the investigation opened up. 

Only later to learn in March 2017 that the rumors were true and "that there was, in fact, a relationship involved between coach Corey Myers and the player."

Leath also told ESPN that the university has hired the law firm of Lightfoot, Franklin & White, based out of Birmingham, Ala. to make sure an unbiased third party was involved. 

We reached out to the president's office for a comment. At this time we have not received a response.