Auburn, Ala. (EETV) - In wake of Hurricane Harvey which caused severe flooding in Houston, many college athletic programs are coming together to help with relief. 

On Monday University of Houston basketball coach Kelvin Sampson reached out to fellow coaches throughout the country, asking them to donate their teams gear to help flood victims.

Auburn basketball coach Bruce Pearl answered Sampson's request. 

Pearl responded to Sampson's tweet by saying, "Well as soon as I saw Kelvin come out on Twitter, I said, right away, I responded. I responded two things: one, I wanted to check with compliance and make sure that we can do it and the second thing was that Auburn's support is on the way right away."

Since Monday, Sampson has been retweeting the donations given by university athletic programs throughout the country. 

Several of these universities come from the state of Alabama, including Auburn. 

Coach Bruce Pearl and Auburn Athletics answered Sampson request, using the hashtag "#HoustonStrong".

Other Alabama universities that have donated items include:



and Tuskegee. 

The list of schools who have donated and joined Sampson in his efforts go beyond universities. As reported by FOX 26's Mark Berman, high schools, conference officials, school districts, and elementary schools have donated items.