Auburn, Ala. (EETV) - When students return to campus this fall, they will notice a difference in the university's most used building.

Over the summer, the first floor of the student center was completely remodeled. Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement, Lady Cox, tells Eagle Eye that 200,000 students pass through the student center each month.

"It is just incredibly used," says Cox. "Even though it is a relatively new building, the amount of wear and tear the building has is incredible."

The renovation process started last year in the quiet zone on the 3rd floor. New carpet, seating and study options were added to increase availability for students. "The best part about the quiet zone is in my perspective, there were 18 useable seats before [the renovation]...we changed that to 80 useable seats."

work stations in renovates 3rd floor study space

work stations in renovates 3rd floor study space

Cox says while there were more than 18 seats in the space, they were unable to be used because of the way the space was laid out: "There would be a table where four people could sit, but because it was a study space only one person would sit there."

The student center hopes to bring the success from the study center to the first floor. Hardwood has replaced tile and new multicolored carpet covers the lounge areas, as green and grey paint replaces the orange and blue on the walls. Cox says, "The green is a punch of color. The orange is a more aggressive color, its not something you want around when you are trying to study."

New tables and chairs added to 1st floor of the student center


The furniture in the space is completely new. Continuing with the theme from the study space, the first floor features more independent seating rather than the many tables and chairs previously in the space. "We are adding sides on the chairs so they look kind of retro but will give you some more privacy." Cox says one goal for the space is to allow students the option to relax, put their headphones in and not have to talk to people if they are around you.

Retro chairs with sides added for privacy

The third floor is not the only space that will have a designated study space. More independent study desks will be added in the hallway leading to the restrooms on the third floor.

New Study space added to the 1st floor of the student center

Cox says one area that the student center staff has paid special attention to is the game room. "That furniture is not going to be different yet," explains Cox. "We can't find anything the students like better than what they have right now; they love what they have right now."

One addition, however, will be made to the gaming area near the entrance to ABP: "We are getting them a family table." The new tables will have a single base which Cox hopes will be more comfortable for students than the multitude of tables currently pushed together in the space.

New Table outside the game room

Special carpeting was also added to the entrances to reduce wear on the building by absorbing dirt and water as people enter. The flooring throughout the building was also specially laid to help maintain the space: "We curved the flooring to encourage students to walk in a certain way." Cox says the new flooring is much easier to care for than the tile previously in the space.